“Fun at work day”is an unofficial National holiday…

But who cares…

I think it’s a great idea – for us to use to inject a little play into today!

[Especially if the work you do on a daily basis – is not stirring your soul]

40 ways to inject a little fun into today:

So here are 40 ideas you can use to inject a little fun into your day today [in a way that gets you one step closer to living the life you were born to live]:

You’re into writing…

  1. write a boring piece of work, in a creative way
  2. write a note to someone who needs a little pick-me-up
  3. write your employment eulogy [aka: resignation letter]
  4. write a note to your team… thanking each of them for what they have done for you
  5. leave a fun note on the bulletin board
  6. write a note for you desk, informing passers by that they need to do something to add to the fun today
  7. write a poem… and share it
  8. help someone write that essay that someone else is struggling to write
  9. set up a writing club… for all the other writers just like you
  10. Arrange to perform your written work

You’re into taking photos…

  1. make a thank you card with one of your images – then thank your colleagues for being awesome
  2. take a photo of a great project your company has worked on – so that they can use it to punt their awesomeness
  3. take photo’s of all your staff – we all need our profile pics updated
  4. Capture an event
  5. find a colleague who will pose for that super crazy idea you had
  6. create a calendar to keep everyone on track
  7. showcase your work – by setting up an exhibition in the office
  8. frame a piece of your work for your colleague [or boss] – to say thanks!
  9. create a postcard with images from your work environment, and make postcard books
  10. Create a slideshow of images you’ve captured of a colleague – for their farewell, baby-shower, birthday, kitchen tea – or other celebration

You’re into design or art…

  1. create a poster to inspire everyone else to have a little fun today
  2. design a fun paper for today…
  3. then use that paper to wrap up a sweet / gift for someone else
  4. fix the design of something that isn’t so aesthetically appealing – then pitch it to the powers that be
  5. create a “Happy fun day” banner
  6. create a piece of art for the company… that depicts why they are awesome
  7. create a piece of art to symbolise the company vision
  8. draw someone’s portrait – and give it to them
  9. create a piece of art for the office – depicting why this is an awesome company to work for
  10. design something for their new product, service, event.

Or fun for the sake of fun…

  1. Create a treasure hunt around the office
  2. Buy your team a sweet… just because they’re sweeties 😉
  3. Throw a “fun day” party… cakes, sweets, balloons
  4. Or just order takeout for the team!
  5. Give  yourself some flowers… it’s a special day after all!
  6. Get everyone to bring their favourite games – and have a gaming lunch party
  7. Convinve your team to take the afternoon off, and rent a DVD [which you’ll be watching in your training room]… and call it a “team building session”
  8. Put out a weekly riddle… with a prize for the clever
  9. Crank up the music… boogy while you work!
  10. Set up Karaoke session… belt away the blues

Here’s hoping your day is filled with lots of fun

Em sign

What ideas did this spark for you?

How are you injecting a little fun into today?