It happened again!

I was in a hurry to send my awesomeness out into the world…

I been working on it for a while…

But then I had to dash out of the office and away from my Internet…

I had a decision to make

  • Get it out now [when some people will still read it]
  • Or wait till this evening, check through it again, and send it out [where the likelihood is that not many people would get to see it till Monday].

Guess what I chose???

Done is better than not… Right?

I sent it out… and dashed out the office.


As soon as I was in the car, reading my fabulous message to the world… I cringed!

This was not the standard I wanted to put out there…

My aim is to give my readers something extra special into their mailbox…

and this wasn’t it!

It felt awkward and clumsy…

and it left me feeling really uncomfortable…

And if I’m furrowing my eyebrows as I read this mail… what will my peeps feel???

Instantly… I can see their scrunched up faces as they think: “what is this chick is on” – as they click the “please don’t send me any more of this crazyness” button.

I’m wishing I could reach into the Ethernet and pull back each email.

But I can’t!

The worst thing…

Is that this particular school fee, I have learnt before.

It’s like Groundhog Day…

where I get to make the same mistake over and over again!

Oh wait…

Today is actually Groundhog Day!

Funny that I was learning this particular lesson again right around the actual Groundhog day.

[which is more about a weather predicting hog – btw – My memory of Groundhog day was from the movie – where a weatherman had to relive the same day over and over again]!!!

The “Groundhog Day” movie got me thinking about two things…

1. There is a life lesson in my latest groundhog moment.

And right I was.

My groundhog experience is similar to what happens in life.

We do the same thing over and over again…

wondering why we are stuck with this outcome.


We wake up day after day,

follow the same routine,

and wonder why our life is no different!

We feel the lack of purpose, life is a hamster wheel of running nowhere in particular…

And 1, 5, 10 years pass… And the only thing that changes is our growing waistline and the very small paycheck rise [with hefty taxes to offset it].

It’s painful when we wake up and realise we could have done something awesome – but didn’t.

Which led me to my next thought…

2. How can I avoid other groundhog moments and create a more inspired life?

If you have had your own groundhog moment…

Did you find yourself dwelling on all the things that went wrong?

Rehashing the scenario again, and again…

reliving it over and over till the pain makes you want to cry?

Dwelling on all that went wrong, can be so debilitating.

It can stop us from moving forward towards the life we should be living.


Let’s stop the crazy self talk.

Let’s try a different life recipe…

One that will help us towards that inspired life we dream of having…

A simple recipe towards that inspired life [so that we can avoid more groundhog moments]:

Here’s the recipe I suggest you start with:

  1. Analyse what went wrong / what you aren’t loving about life now
  2. Look at how it can be different next time
  3. Put steps in place, and actually do something different next time

How does this recipe apply to my groundhog moment?

By analysing what happened, I know that…

  • sending, without proofreading, is dangerous.
  • writing stuff too close to deadline, doesn’t give me enough room [for them life throws me the preverbal curveball].

What I can do differently:

  • I need to shift the way I write…
  • I need to get stuff sorted and written ahead of time… so that I’m not screeching too close to that deadline.
  • I know that I need to get someone to proofread what I do… before hitting send…
  • I know it’s as simple as sending myself a test email [like… seriously]!

What simple steps can I put in place?

  • write ahead of time [even if it’s just the sketching out of my concept]
  • send it ahead for proofreading [which means it needs to be written a day ahead]
  • New rule to be put in place: No test email… no hitting of send button… regardless!

[Ps… Already… having written this on Saturday, but sending it to you on Monday…
I’m moving in the right direction!]

What about you?

What is your next step?

How are you stopping the insanity of your groundhog life?

Em sign

Ps… Want to change up the insanity of a groundhog life… why not set some powerful intentions?  and if you still need to discover what your purpose is… watch out for AwesomeSauce [coming soon].