I’ve always liked the KISS principle… “Keep it simple stupid”

Actually, who am I kidding… I REALLY didn’t like it!

I love the idea of: “Keep it simple”

I HATE the connotation to “Stupid”

Stupid has to be one of THE MOST uninspiring words ever!!!

So I got thinking…

What other “S” word would inspire me…

and then it hit me…


After all, Sexy…

… is exciting!

… is appealing!

[No seriously… that’s it’s definition!!!]







So, now I get to keep things simple… whilst making sure it’s exciting and appealing at the same time!!!


keeping life simple [and sexy]:

Here are some of the ways I’m keeping things simple and sexy in my life…

  • Writing a note… Keeping it simple by writing from the heart [and sexy when I write the note by hand]
  • Making supper… Keeping it simple by doubling up my chicken recipe [and then make it sexy by changing up how I use the other half… wraps, pitas, salads… oh the options]
  • Updating the family… Keeping it simple by creating a family chat on whatsapp so that I can update everyone at once [and sexy when I get kidlet to drop a little voice note in there to brighten their day]!
  • Revamping Admin… Keeping my system simple enough so that I can manage it [but making it sexy by using fun storage options and interesting file names]
  • Writing a blog post… Keeping it simple by outlining my idea first – [and sexy when I inject a little fun into the mix after]
  • Too many ideas… keeping it simple… by picking one [and make it sexy by picking the idea that really appeals to you]… and you can double up on the sexy-ness when you actually go and do it!



How are you keeping things simple and sexy today?

Em sign

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