¬†I have a love affair with Instagram…¬†I can always rely on it for¬†a visual feast of inspiration…

I come across so many amazing images and people doing amazing and fun things…¬†that it only makes sense to celebrate them here! After all, they are taking steps towards living the life they were born to live… and that’s SO worth celebrating!

[plus: a side bonus for me – is that I get to remember some of the awesomely inspiring peeps I’ve stumbled across in igerworld!]

Whether you’re a newbie iger looking for peeps to follow, or just interested in seeing some new inspiration – this will be for you!¬†

This months¬†igers…

I’m loving how these peeps have captured the nature that is around them…

Each igers link is highlighted below, plus why I enjoyed these pics ūüėČ

More info on the TOP ROW:

Craig Howes [Left]:

I was taken with Craig’s image… partly because it had these gorgeous clouds, partly because of the awesome reflection… double whammy of awesomeness! I encourage you to take a look at this Cape Town igers pics… stunning!

 Croyable [Middle]:

Loving Croyable’s foggy captures of the Dutch landscape… these are part peaceful, part eerie [or maybe I have been watching too many crime series!]

Darryn Kemper[Right]:

I loved how Darryn captures these slow shutter speeds… and this one of the Durban coastline is stunning!

Ps… Just caught a glimpse of all the new shots… dude love love love!


about that Middle Row:

GmyStudio [Left]:

Pop on over to this feed, and you’re going to have a visual feast of all sorts of awesomeness!

Naturally, the awesome lines, colour and light made this image jump out at me!

But loving what you can do with that app… must check it out ūüėČ

 StefanKunz [Middle]:

This guy does incredible things with Type and imagery…

Mix these powerful words, with this stunning image… Awesome!


 Alessiolr [Right]:

Whilst portraits seem to be the capture of choice lately…Alessio really did a stunning job of this

[Ps… the portraits are pretty awesome too]¬†

and the last row [bottom]:

 Candace Schaddelee [Left]:

Love the mixture [mix of type and image]… and the image behind really sets the scene for the message… great shot Candace!¬†

Janske [Middle]:

Janske has an awesome collection of tree images… This feed leaves me feel calm and peaceful… thanks for the little escape!


 Skyerove [Right]:

Skyerove has some awesome nature shots of Cape Town, and a super creative way of capturing what she sees around her!


Have these igers inspired you? What will you create this month? 

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