You’re sitting in your favourite coffee shop…

Anticipating that first cup of coffee
[Because if you’re like me, you kinda need it to open your eyes properly]

You can hear them grinding those little nuggets of caffeine, and you know you’re just one step closer to heaven.

Your mind drifts towards all that faces you for the day, and you’re whipped out of that daydream as your waitress hands you your favorite life elixir.

Before you take a sip… You just know it’s gonna taste great, because you know that your favorite barista never disappoints…

He takes care in every little detail… From which beans he places into the grinder, how strong he’ll be making your brew today…

All the way through to low long he lets the machine work it’s magic…

It’s all in his control.

…and you know you’re in good hands!

You have the same control over your dreams lady!

IMG_2290.JPGYou’re the one who decides:

  • What you chose to use to make your dream a reality,
  • How much of your dream you’ll live,
  • through to how long you’re going to work your magic today to make it a reality.

It’s in your hands… be in control of your choices today.

Are you a kick ass barista of your life?

Share the one thing you’re doing to make it come alive / be someone else’s elixir!

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Ps… if your dreams are still vague… It’s time to Dream + Do baby!