I got this kick-ass question from M this week:

Q: “The one thing I would love to learn from you is….

How to see things in the light of beauty and elegance the way your trained eye does.

Is it like looking at a photo and deconstructing the composition?

Or is it just a knack,refined to an arty skill?”

Nice question M!

So good in fact… I had to ponder it a little bit first!

So, I went to make myself a little bit of coffee [thought I’d give myself time to allow this concept to percolate]…

and whilst I was making the coffee, I thought about the time you snuck a little cocoa into your coffee… for flavour…

…its kinda like your secret trick to a really great cup of coffee!


And BAM! It hit me.

Seeing beauty and elegance in the everyday… is kinda like my secret trick to living an inspired life!

But that wasn’t your question, you wanted to know HOW I see things in the light of beauty and elegance…

Do I train my eye by looking critically at what I do… or is it just a knack?

Right, so the answer is…


It’s both… but…

It starts with a choice.

You see, I choose to look for beauty…

Actually… I HUNT it down – searching for it like there’s no tomorrow.

Because, as an Aesthete [and lover of pretty things], I yearn to live in a world that’s inspiring and beautiful.

So I intentionally choose to look for the good… the beautiful… the gorgeous in each and every situation I’m presented with… no matter how average.

I think that I honed the skill through my photography.

I was trying to understand why some photographers took such incredible images…

…and why mine were so ‘meh’… 

…and instantly I thought:

“They must have a WAAAYY better ____(set up, camera, subject, way with words, everything) than I do.”

But then I realised that it has more to do with really looking at the situation you’re presented with, and FINDING the beauty in it.

I try to stay curious

Now that I have chosen to look for the good…

I try look for the different angles [in images and life], and find ways to Capture [and leave] the world a little more beautiful than I found it.

It becomes a habit

By staying curious, and choosing to look for the good in every situation… I have trained my brain [and my eye].

It’s kinda become something I just naturally do.

6 tricks to living a more inspired life:

I thought I’d share a few of my tricks [that I learnt through photography] that help me live an inspired life:

  1. Look for the beauty in everything [it’s everywhere – hidden like a little treasure in the seemingly mundane]… and it’s an everyday practice
  2. Change up the angles – try see something from a different perspective
  3. Looking at how you frame things – whether it’s composition of images, or the things you tell yourself… try framing it differently
  4. Allow things to draw you in – just like colours and light really attract me… what are the things in life that are really attracting you?
  5. Zooming in on certain aspects… preferably, the good aspects 😉
  6. and sometimes… it’s about what you leave out that makes all the difference [like in negative space in an image – avoiding negativity can be pretty inspiring]

Sometimes I slip back into looking at things in a less than gorgeous light…

Sometimes I catch myself and try again…

Sometimes I need you [and the other peeps who are close to me], to help me see the error of my ways – or to look at the same picture and give me a different view of whats going on 😉

Thanks for that awesome question!

What choices are you making today to add a little beauty and elegance into your day [drop your thoughts in the comment box below]

Em sign

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