Today is my birthday.

…And I decided I’d switch off for the day…The idea was to Relax… have fun… And contemplate the year ahead.

But I just can’t help myself.

Stay away from you… just because it’s my birthday… oh hell no!

So whilst waiting for hubby to take me to breakfast [which is fast becoming lunch] I thought I’d sneakily draft this little note to you [Shhh, don’t tell him]!

I had quite a day planned.

When I started thinking about what I’d like to do for my birthday this year… I started off with the idea of a birthday party… but it didn’t excite me. I then toyed with an art party, which I really liked… but hubby vito’d it [guess it’s something I’ll need to do with some creative girlfriends instead].

Then I was all out of “party” ideas.

Well… parties that I WANTED to have at least! Because I actually find parties kinda stressful… instead of entertaining everyone, and making sure everyone is happy, catered for and having fun… I’d rather go somewhere quiet… and contemplate life.

So I decided to party the day away… Emma style.

After weighing up a few options [and a call from the folks]… and I was going to have one of the best days [for me]… Breakfast with hubby, followed by some reflective time at the 12 apostles spa – which would then be finished off with a  back massage [thanks Mom & Dad], and bubbles and cupcakes for anyone who wanted to pop by after!

It felt decadent… and I felt abundant!

Take a quick trip back to December 2014 with me…

When I was plotting our how I wanted 2015 to feel…

One of the 4 things on my list, was that I wanted this year to be the year I explored my abundant heart!

– I wanted to feel abundant, and have an abundant life

– I wanted you to feel abundant when you interact with me.

So when I started thinking about the day I had planned for myself… I realised that I was really moving in the direction I wanted to be! I got excited about my clarity, my focus, and where my business will go in 2015.

Then I got thinking… about you!

As I bobbed around in a pool of warm Jacuzzi like bubbles this afternoon, I couldn’t stop thinking about you!

About the creative entrepreneur who wants to create a business she loves…

One that’s driven by intentions and purpose…

But instead, she is overwhelmed, confused, and needs clarity… and a plan.

She needs some help turning her Dream… her Idea… into something she’ll do!

So here’s what I’m going to do.

In the spirit of abundance… and giving you a little gift on my birthday 😉

I’m want to help you find a little clarity.


Want to pick my brain?

5 lucky entrepreneurs are going to get a chance to pick my brain.

30 minutes on Skype… you and me… and your burning issue!

What do you need to do?

Drop me an email – and let me know:

Where are you stuck? What is stopping you from living your biz dreams? What are you needing help with?

Each day… for the next 5 days… I will select an entrepreneur who will get to pick my brain!

Will it be you?

Whilst you’re waiting… Just remember…


Em sign

Ps… If you’d like to be the first to hear about my upcoming Dream+Do Project [to help creative entrepreneurs create a business they will love], then I suggest you hook up on the list… because there will be limited spaces!