I feel like I’m entering into the most exciting phase of my business… and it’s a phase of clarity!

Having been a “multi-passionate entrepreneur” I feel like the last decade of my lift has seen me accomplish many forms of shape shifting… if there’s one thing I have become increasingly good at… it’s creatively changing and re-inventing myself [having a little madonna moment…].

From learning the craft of jewellery… to graphic design… to photography [all whilst building a successful career in retail]… to going on my own and exploring corporate photography & video, visual storytelling, creative muse, and all the other titles I created to try help people understand what I do [whilst I was trying to figure it all out].

I started entering a space where “shape Shifting” became natural to me!

It wasn’t as natural to all my friends and family… and it kinda leaves them reeling and wondering “whats next???” I can often feel them leaning in when someone asks: “So Emma, what do you do?” – so that they can try and get a better understanding of what I’m doing [wondering if it’s changed this week]!

How did I let it get like this?

The short story?

I only really discovered my creativity in my late 20’s, and so I was on a massive catch-up.

I had a whole lot of creativity to explore… I didn’t know what was even out there… let alone what my preference was.

All I knew… was that I needed to follow what I loved… the rest would come.

Can you relate [miss multi-passionate]?

You have a whole lot of interests… and you really want to make a business of all of it…

…a bit of fitness, some yoga, the graphic design, and photography… with author aspirations, your social media ninja-ness and some public speaking on the side… right?

I get it… You have a whole lot of interests… and you want to explore all of them.

After all… you’re not a robot! Why can’t your business be the sum total of your ideal life?

I relate… I was there.

I was exploring my creativity.. sharing my photography, some life lessons, how I was injecting my creativity into business… and it was hard.

I remember the moment… when I’d just written a post on decluttering… and I thought:

Who am I actually writing for?

What message am I even standing for?

and what the hell am I actually trying to do?

I was swimming in a sea of uncertainty.

The Dark side of being a shape-shifting-multi-passionate entrepreneur

Whilst my shape shifting brought me to where I am today [allowing me to explore many aspects of myself and my various passions]; I also felt like it was one of my dark periods…

  • There is the fact that I was constantly in a state of change… which meant that I was living in a space of uncomforted and uncertainty on a personal level
  • This attacked my confidence… [when you haven’t mastered a skill… you’re constantly learning and feeling challenged – or like you’re not getting it]
  • My attention was pulled in a hundred different spaces at the same time [focusing on so many different things – I was juggling balls all the time]
  • I didn’t have clarity… I was all over the place [and probably came across as a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none]
  • I was constantly looking for the “what next”… the new shiny shape to shift to [to try and figure out who I was and how I fitted into this awesome -yet terrifying – world]
  • Multi-passionatism let to uncertainty and overwhelm

So what changed?

I realised that I could still be multi passionate, but that it didn’t need to live under one roof [ie one public blog], instead… I could focus my biz on one thing… and still explore my passions on the side.

I got clear on what I wanted to do, and who I was speaking to… and from there everything started falling into place.

Does that mean that I NEVER get to explore my other passions… and I’m ONLY limited to what I do… hell no! You’ll see my imagery in the posts… and occasionally I design a little something sweet for you.

But my focus… is helping you create a biz [and life] you love!

 What is the one thing you are going to be known for?

Em sign

Ps… If you’re still stuck… then grab this PDF, and spend some time getting intentional about the biz and life you are growing!