Then this may be what you need to hear!

“Ideas are easy, implementation is hard” Guy Kawaski

Just because ideas are hard to implement… doesn’t mean that we need to make it harder on ourselves though!


Here are some tips to start your week right:

  1. Pick one idea
  2. Get Focused
  3. Make a list
  4. Tackle one of the items on your list… now!

I just want to encourage you to tackle those ideas… and add your incredible gift to this world!!!

Trust me!

I’m currently writing a course just for you… assimilating 2 years of lessons, tips, templates, and guides [along with a decade of business understanding]… and I can’t wait to share my gift with you.

With each chunk I write, each planner I create, each video I record… I know that I am taking steps… I’m implementing my idea… and I am thrilled that it’s going to make a difference in another creative entrepreneurs life… and help them turn their dreams into something they do!

The world needs you to bring your dream alive!

What ideas are you implementing this week?

Em sign

Ps… If you need a little inspiration… start with your intentions! Or maybe you want to be the first to know about “The Dream + Do Project”?