As a creative entrepreneur, we are blessed with a tons and tons of ideas.

Some ideas are brilliant, and some are just random… but there are possibilities around every corner… and you just need to pop on online and a flood of new ideas hit you…. like shiny little trinkets of fantastic-ness… just waiting for you play with…

Ideas are great, and they are what keeps us creating new things, and adding greatness into this world… but they are also distracting… it’s like walking into your favourite store that is just crammed to the brim with incredible little trinkets to explore [anyone else seeing the typo store in your mind right now??].

Have you experienced “Shiny Object” Syndrome?

Going with my Typo analogy for a sec…

When I walk past their store, my eyes light up…

it’s like a feast of exciting trinkets to explore…

but a little overwhelming too… because I don’t actually know where to start.  

Sometimes I find myself in one part of the store…

and then my eyes catch something pretty on the other side of the store…

and whilst moseying over over there to check it out, I spot a little something interesting along the way like the notebooks – Ah and look at the cute pens that they have next to the notebooks…

…now what was that other thing I was looking at again…

…and why am I even in this store????

Ever experienced that feeling? Welcome to “Shiny Object” syndrome!


How “Shiny Object” affects you in business?

There are three main ways that I’m affected by shiny objects…

1. To idea… or not to idea?

The biggest internal struggle I face as an entrepreneur, is to know which idea to go for.

“What should I implement, and what do I park for now?”

There are so many ideas out there, so many opportunities… which one is the RIGHT one for my business?

2. Sticking to one Shiny Object?

Once you’re working on one shiny object… the infatuation and love may dip a little [because lets face it… bringing that project alive – takes quite a bit of work – which can get a little tedious]… and as soon as things become a little boring… a new shiny little object / idea presents itself, magically tempting you to go in other more irresistible direction.

In this case… I suggest fleeing from temptation!

3. Knowing that your original idea is actually a fake!

Sometimes our original ideas are actually the shiny object… Let me explain what I mean:

We come up with a brilliant idea… we can see this new business idea unfolding… and we rush off and start making it happen.

But as you’re creating this “thing” – you feel considerably icky inside… because you know that THIS isn’t the right thing for you… something isn’t feeling right about this whole thing!

Then when a new idea presents itself… and it actually kinda makes more sense than your original shiny idea… and it hits you… your original “idea” was actually a fake! An imposter… sent to derail you, and make you create something that isn’t what you should have created!

This one is a little tougher to recognise [after all… it could just be another shiny object… right?], but you’ll know it in your heart of hearts… or in your gut… that this wasn’t the greatest idea.

It happened to me initially. I thought it would be “safe” to offer Strategic HR thinking to smaller businesses… great idea… right? Maybe for someone else, but the more I pursued it, the more apparent it was that this wasn’t stirring my soul… I’m a creative, born to create… and this business was not working for me. 

It took quite a bit of guts to first acknowledge that my original idea was a fake… I was lured by the need to make enough bread and butter to feed the family… but not only was I not pursuing what I was born to do, this business wasn’t actually making me much money.


So How do you deal with these Shiny Objects?

* When you have too many ideas…

The easiest way to deal with this one, is by coming from a place of intention.

When I have a core focus… Its easier to distill which ideas to pursue, and which to park [for now].

* When you struggle to stick to one shiny object…

Quickest way to deal with these temptations… is to write it down… capture it somewhere [your secret little notebook of ideas… or evernote notebook… maybe you have a planner], capture it in a special place that’s dedicated to all those wonderful ideas and plans you have.

Then get back to that thing you’re working on… and Finish it.

Too many ideas are placed in the “only started” graveyard of creatives lives… and remain a dream that niggles and nags at the back of their mind.


Kim suggests writing all the ideas down… and then leave them for two weeks… if you’re still infatuated with it at that time… pick it up again and see if you can incorporate it into what you do.

* When your original idea is a actually a shiny object:

Come back to the core of who you are… know what your why is… and then pursue the path that is right for you!

When I made the shift, and created a business that was aligned to my passion, I was able to create a successful 6 figure business doing what I love!

There is a fabulous saying:

So spend some time exploring what you love… share THAT with the world… and move towards the life you were born to have!

What are you going to do today about the Shiny Objects in your life?

Em sign

Ps… Maybe its time to REFRESH your business.