It’s Friday [and Friday the 13th at that]!

Here’s hoping that this week has been super lucky for you… that this note has found you at the end of a super productive week, as you implement your incredible business ideas!

If you haven’t felt all that productive, and are looking for some more tips to get your sh*t done… then know that I relate!

There are times I have found myself all over the place, between clients requests, getting stuff created, answering emails, getting my brand out there… with all my “To Do’s” I felt like my brain was at risk of either turning into a liquidised sloppy bowl of mush… or exploding!

A bit dramatic much? 

But you get it… right?

With all the “Stuff” that we as entrepreneurs have to do [on our own] to make this all happen… it can leave you a little frantic and overwhelmed!

Often, I’m asked… How do you do SO much?

Some people think that I have my superwomen cape hidden underneath my outfit… but if you saw my outfit today, you’d realise that I’m just as normal as you…

But I do have some secrets to getting a whole lot of stuff done… so I thought I’d share 3 with you today…

3 Tips to Getting sh*t done-2

3 Tips to getting stuff done!

1. Getting Clear

By getting clear on what I want to achieve…

in my business…

in this month…

in this week…

all the way down to what I want to achieve TODAY… 

…are the necessary foundation to my productivity.

Without being clear, I’m at risk of spending hours and hours floating between Pinterest, the blogosphere, and Facebook [with the occasional action towards that thing your client was looking for].

2. Get sh*t set up [I’m getting all “systemsy” on you babe]

I think a lot of entrepreneurs make things hard for themselves. Creating a new EVERYTHING each time they do something.

By putting a few systems in place, I’ve been able to save hours of my time, that I then invest in other aspects of my business [like creating new awesomeness, enjoying that cup of coffee with a friend, or pinteresting without guilt…]

It all started with my Photography, when I realised I could create a system for how I edit my photos [some basic colour corrections I would naturally gravitate to], by copying those systems across all my images, I was starting my editing off at a much better place.

As a business owner, that related to the systems I use to track hours, draw up quotes, and write proposals [all pretty darn time consuming]… right through to some email templates that I use as my foundation for communication. By working off of templates that I have created, life is more focused, and I’m able to give my clients a better experience than had I tried to draw everything up from scratch each time!

Systems literally changed my life, and made business a whole lot sexier!

3. Then it’s about Focus

I know that I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have with my business, had it not been for focus!

This is where my weekly planners play their star feature role… in helping me get sh*t done.

Be a Dream Doer

I know… you love the look of it… don’t you?

The good news, you can grab your planner for the month… right here:

Get your Complimentary weekly planner here:

How I use my weekly Planner:

  • I have the whole week on one page… this is critical to help me not get too lost in each day’s activities.
  • I start with my Top 3 things I want to achieve that day… that link into my bigger goals in business  for the week.
  • Where are the bigger goals? They’re captured in the “My Rock-it List” [bottom Left] – because who wants something that’s called “ToDo”… right? So this is the space I capture all the things [read:goals] I want to ROCK at!
  • Then I capture all the stuff I need to do… in the appropriate Day of the week that I should be tackling it [because you can’t do everything in one day… right]
  • At the end of the week, I want to remind myself of the things that I actually achieved that week [it’s all about building in some gratitude and being thankful] – I capture that on the “Things I ROCKED – Whoot!” List [bottom right]
  • Sometimes I need to Capture some thoughts, ideas, notes… and that’s what the bottom two centre blocks are for [because we all need a little space… right]!

*Bonus Tip*

I capture all the things I WANT to achieve… and then I play a game with myself, and see just how many of those aspects I can tick off today.

Having “ticked” stuff off, really helps me feel productive at the end of the day!

What’s your “Tip” for getting sh*t done in your business?

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