Today is just a little reminder to enjoy the little things in life, because when we celebrate and enjoy the little things… we realise how fortunate we are.



Some of things I celebrated recently:

  • The joy of looking at a bunch of fresh roses… makes my work space that much happier! It’s not only a prettier space, but the scent of a rose really helps me stay mindful!
  • Rose geranium cordial in sparkling water… I had been working my butt off, and when I came up for air, I realised that I was hungry and tired… and this was just the sweet elixir this working girl needed!
  • Being surprised with a bunch of roses at my work –  made that work day a little more special… knowing that my sister loves me and thought of me… helps me realise that I’m lucky to have so much support in my life [and business]!
  • Creating a monthly planner… to help me keep track of my big goals, has been my saving grace!
  • Realising the essence of this quote… and how it relates to my business = priceless! Each day, I take a few minutes to celebrate the items I have ticked off my “Rock-it List
  • Another moment when I was so uber blessed… the double win of a completely luxurious spoil, and even more blessed to have that person is in my life and my business!


 What are the little things you are celebrating about your business [and life] today?

Em sign

Ps… It’s always great to have someone to celebrate our business wins with [especially when they “get” what it takes to bring a dream alive], having someone to celebrate with [and hold you accountable] can make all the difference.