Last week, I spoke about days that evaporate, and I reminded [myself] about the importance of being intentional.

I love how my planners keep me focused and creating.

Then I lost the plot.

I actually left my planner at the office over the weekend… This was NOT something I intended to do… and after spending about 30 minutes searching through the house… I realised that I must have left it at the office… Oh Crap!

Double Crap… was that I was working from home on Monday and Tuesday!

Naturally, this was so beyond frustrating!!!

and you guessed it… I was completely distracted by all the little “To Do’s” that crossed my inbox and desktop.

Oh distraction… 

I allowed myself to get caught up in clients needs, and I didn’t focus on getting any of my dream biz stuff done.

When I got back to my office, after finding my planners and snuggling up with them a little bit, I started feeling like order was being restored in the world.

Read: a massive sigh of relief!

All because I got a little bit of my focus back. No more headless chicken syndrome!

So here is a big tip to staying on course with your dream:

Make yourself a client.

Because when you make yourself a client:

  • You will make time for that project
  • You will actually get stuff done on your project
  • You put your heart and soul into it

So it just makes sense… if you want to get stuff done, make time for your own business, so that you create something that has heart in it… make yourself a client!


A really big tip to stay on course with your dream

That’s how I tackled “The Dream + Do Project”

By making “The Dream + Do Project” a Client, I did the following:

  • Created a project plan [i.e. I took this thing seriously]
  • Gave myself a deadline [and put it out into the world… to hold me accountable]
  • Put myself on my Weekly Planner [D+D has it’s own deliverables and tasks]
  • Delegated some of the work to my team [aka… I was now putting some skin into my own game… and really taking myself seriously as a client]!
  • and I asked my accountability partners to hold me to my dream, and encourage me to bring this thing alive!

And as I start putting some finishing touches on the project so that it’s ready for go live… I’m somewhat overwhelmed with gratitude for the awesome people in my life, for the power of a dream, and for what can happen when you just take little steps to bring those dreams alive!

What do you need to put in place to bring your business dream alive?

Em sign

Ps… If you’re ready to bring your dream to life… then The Dream + Do Project will get you fired up, and give you the energy to pursue it!