Dear DreamDoer… 

I know that whilst it may be Easter, the ToDo list is still as big as the elephant you’re trying to chew.

That there are still so many things you need tackle today… before you feel justified to have that glass of wine [or scoff that chocolate].

I get it!

I know that you’ll make plenty of sacrifices with each step towards bringing your dream alive.

Just this weekend, I was finding myself challenged about the fine balance of work and play.

Between the need to bring The Dream + Do Project alive, and wanting to enjoy some quality time with friends and family.

But here’s a little encouragement from me – to occasionally close the computer down, have a glass of wine with your friends… enjoy easter breakfast with your husband… And don’t forget to do an easter egg hunt with your nunu!

Happy Easter!

Em sign

Ps… Whilst remembering the real reason of why I’m celebrating Easter, I’m also going to remind you that we were all put on this earth for a purpose… to live the life we were born to live… So keep living your dream hun!