What will happen if you don’t create a business you love?

You’ll deprive us all of the magic that is you!

Think about it… we all have something really unique to offer the world!


If they didn’t create a business they loved…

  • I wouldn’t have discovered the salt river of dreams ice-cream [btw – thank you so much Kate for my new addiction ;)]
  • The ant’s wouldn’t have their own paintings, and I wouldn’t have found their creator: Lorainne Who’s been painting daily ant sized postcards.
  • I wouldn’t be writing from the hut [heart + gut] as much without Alexandra’s wordsmithery… and I’m continuously thankful that she puts herself “out there” into the world [read:Blog crush]
  • We wouldn’t have learnt how little dolls can be repurposed, and Sonia wouldn’t have been stopping lots of little girls from have tree change dolls that they can relate to.
  • I wouldn’t have found the Woolies honey nut latte… and I wouldn’t have gotten addicted to coffee [now the White mocha has become a little vice of mine]
  • I wouldn’t have learnt so many incredible soul nuggets that Oprah shared… each shifting my life just a little bit!
  • Gorgeous Treehouses would not be built… without Pete’s obvious adoration of the tree’s he’s working with.
  • Karen wouldn’t be sharing her love sandwich with us [so fricken incredible… you MUST go and try one when you’re in Cape Town]
  • moments would not be seized with the enchanting pink Pongracz Rose or the charming silver pink hue of Graham Beck’s Brut Rose… yes, I’m loving pink bubbles!
  • Then I wouldn’t be experiencing the joys of where design meets the breaking of the status quo… thanks Steve and Co. for creating the little miracles that make my life so much better [Ps… hubby’s so geeking out over the new iPad keyboard right now]!

What would our world be like, if people didn’t create things… if people didn’t do what they loved?

If post-it’s hadn’t been invented… how would we brainstorm with as much ease

If Typo hadn’t created prettier stationery… I may still have been stuck with traditional [and boring] stationery

If moleskine hadn’t spent time perfecting the art of a notebook, where would we captured ideas?

Ok… you get the message…

Why we're all desperately waiting for you to create a business you love - inspiredbyemma.com

The world needs that special something you have

You were born for a purpose – imagine if U2 hadn’t created beautiful day… or if matthew mole hadn’t written take yours and I’ll take mine… would life be as moving without the music?

You have a gift – precious – and only you can offer it to the world.

So why are you hiding it?


Why are you holding back from your dreams?

Yes, we all have excuses, we create many of them to cover the fact that we have fears.

Fears of Failure… and fears of success!

But by shining brighter, please know that you encourage others to shine.


You matter, know that what you do matters!

Live your dream

Love your life

Find your “happy” space.

Be a kinder human being…

The world could do with a bit more love.

How will you add your gifts to the world?

Em sign

Ps… if you’re ready to turn your dream into something you do… check this out.