Today’s Question:

Ugh! I feel like I have so much to learn to start this business, I’m constantly gorging on tons of content… how do I stop so that I can get it all done?

xoxo Stressed&Overwhelmed

My Dear Stressed & Overwhelmed…

You aren’t alone… There have been a couple of times in the last few weeks, that I have found myself binging and gorging on tons of content myself… and its left me feeling like a bit of a stuffed pig [or maybe it’s more like the chocolate hangover my kidlet got after his easter egg hunt]!

This is how it went down:

The more I started “researching”, the more lost I got and the bigger my ToDo List became too 

I needed to:

– add new descriptions to all of my 1.8k pins,

– rework all my blog posts to include fabulous pinnable images,

– Actually, looking at my blog… I think I need to do a little brand think!

– Spend some quality time getting really clear on what’s happening with my clients and what they want,

– oh yes, I also need to create a new product or two,

– host a webinar,

– write some more solid long form posts for you to devour, and…

Sheesh… I don’t know about you, but I got tired just typing that… and I think my finger is about to start cramping!


Enough already!

“Oh Look… another post on _____ and it has a video!”

and the content binge continues! Does this happen to you too?

I decided to press pause on my content binging… and when I did, I was hit with this little fact

I might just be getting a bit too Content-fat.

It was time to press pause on the video, shut my laptop down, and instead of the bloated mind of content absorption…

[ie #ContentDrunk – yes, I figured it’s a great term for today]

…let’s try a little content detox instead, shall we?

After all… whilst surfing is a brilliant form of exercise, excessive surfing on the internet just makes us super #ContentDrunk and not very productive… and if we’re going to DO our Dream business… we need to get on with things!

[a completely side-and-random mental note to myself: must get back into the water]


How can we put ourselves on a content Detox?

Here are 10 ways you can stop binge surfing, and give yourself the gift of some of Quick wins, like little habit shifters to get yourself back on track:

  1. Put a time limit on it… set an alarm, and then surf happily away until you’re reminded to come back to the real world. Then close it down, do some work, and pick up a little bit later again [this time… it’s a little more guilt free]
  2. Tracey suggests starting your day with something big that you need to tackle… Those big tasks you usually leave till the afternoon… do them first! Be productive [ie no Facebook or emails before you get going- do this, and watch your productivity shift BIG TIME!]
  3. Use a weekly planner to write down your goals… then incentivise yourself for ticking them off.
  4. My blogging friend Sam, suggests Focus at will to get seriously into the zone… and remove all distractions when you need to churn out work [or create courses like she helps people do]!
  5. Too many emails? Unsubscribe from the lists you don’t really LOVE anymore… declutter that inbox!
  6. What about taking a hiatus from signing up to new newsletters [just not mine… because I give you some planners – hehehe]?
  7. Tracey got me to turn off email notifications [so that I wasn’t distracted by those tiny little pop-ups – check out her blog for other productivity tips]
  8. Maybe you’re struggling to get to that piece of work, because you’re suffering from “you should do something someday” fever – check what Kim had to say about moving past that towards happiness.
  9. Binge reading because you’re procrastinating or stuck? Laura suggests you call a friend, Set up a strategy, take a nap, or change your mindset – instead of searching for that golden needle in a haystack!
  10. …or if you find that your content binging has sucked your creativity… check out Abigail’s tips to help you plan for creativity!

Last Tip: The next time you’re next tempted to Content Binge…



Put aside that list of “stuff” you gorged on.

Come back to what you wanted to do on this earth… your purpose… your dream!

[Tweet “Come back to what you wanted to do on this earth… your purpose… your dream.” Emma Weise]

… and let that pull you forward!

Now… what’s the one big thing you need to do to bring your dream alive?

Got it?

Great… now break down that thing into manageable pieces.

You may need to now break it down further, and create a bite sized chunk… a little nibble you can tackle today.

Now go and put that on your list.

and go and spread a little love, magic, kindness and beauty into the world in a way that only you can…

one step at a time!

A Question for you… which of these tips will help you do your dreams, and live your purpose today?

Em sign

Ps… If you’re ready to get clear on your dream, and turn it into something you do – then it’s time to join the other DreamDoers!