I have a love affair with Instagram… I can always rely on it for a visual feast of inspiration…

I come across so many amazing images and people doing amazing and fun things… that it only makes sense to celebrate them here! After all, they are taking steps towards living the life they were born to live… and that’s SO worth celebrating!

[plus: a side bonus for me – is that I get to remember some of the awesomely inspiring peeps I’ve stumbled across in igerworld!]

Whether you’re a newbie iger looking for peeps to follow, or just interested in seeing some new inspiration – this will be for you! 

This months igers…


When our businesses need a little refresh… sometimes we need to make a little space in our lives… and it was in that spirit that shared these instagrammer’s inspirational pics!

Check out their links below, and drop them a little instagram love if you like their work… after all, it’s always great to celebrate how someone is living the life they were born to live 😉

More info on the TOP ROW:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.45.39 PM

@agnesitsme  [Left]:

Sometimes we just need to shed a little light on a dark situation… and it can turn it into something magical! 

@makemediaco  [Middle]:

I loved this! In the past, I was guilty of praying… and then spending the rest of my time worrying… instead, I’m learning that it makes way more sense to channel my energy into something WAY more productive – and life/work shifting! 

@robrabaro  [Right]:

Because we also need to see the wood for the trees… or in this case… look for the log of opportunity that is right in front of us [and keep your eye on the light in the distance that you’re striving for]!

about that Middle Row:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.45.49 PM

@theblacklinebylauren [Left]:

Gratitude is a secret ingredient for my happiness… despite what I’m going through.  When budgets are really tough… I can be grateful for the work I do have, the work I’m creating and the ideas that are still in my back pocket.  I can be grateful for little things… like a roof over my head, and a warm blanket to snuggle under.

 Inspiredbyemma [Middle]:

Make sure that you don’t stay stagnant in your business [and in your life]… try something new occasionally… REFRESH!


@agnesitsme  [Right]:

Sometimes, making space… is all about looking through all the chaos of the branches of life… and finding serenity in the distance… something to hold onto! 

and the last row [bottom]:

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.46.03 PM

@dailycupofbloom  [Left]:

This was a great reminder to make space to create. Whether I’m creating things I wish existed, or creating things my clients wished existed… create to make a difference!

@gracemypresence  [Middle]:

This image reminded me that making space is also about pausing. Stop, take in the beauty that is in front of me… then reframe the life that is… looking at new angles!

@iphoneographysa  [Right]:

This is INCREDIBLY True!!! All worry has done in my life… is sucked me dry [and robbed me of the energy that I could have used to create], left me in a heap of despair. Often, making space requires that I shelve the worry… and do something positive to offset it!


Share how these igers inspired you to create space in your own life!

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