Most of the work I do, is helping you turn your business dreams into something you do… and I know that a lot of us are looking for a little something to help us through some of our biggest business struggles.

So, I turned to some of the everyday inspirers… and asked them:

What did you most struggle with, and what would you tell the “5-10 year ago me” – what key advice would you give them?

I then worked through their answers, and realised that there were 5 key things they really struggled with!

And so I created a little gift for all the entrepreneurs out there… who are needing clarity, wanting to deliver value, but need to move past stumbling blocks, overcome fear and get yourself out there!


All of a sudden, [RE]Fresh | The 5 day Business Challenge was born.

Over the next 5 days, I’ll challenge you through 5 of the biggest stumbling blocks we as entrepreneurs face:

  1. Having a clear direction / getting clear on what they wanted
  2. Delivering Value
  3. Moving past stumbling blocks
  4. Getting myself out there
  5. Knowing that I should go for it [moving past fear and failure]

And I’m covering it in 5 days!


Want in?

If you sign up for “[RE]Fresh” you’ll get one nugget of wisdom each day, for 5 days…

…on me… for FREEĀ [because I know it’ll help you shift your business]

… and start turning it into the dream business it could be!

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Added bonus: If you ever wondered what my voice sounds like [if you are wondering – then you’re probably missing out on the weekly video and love note]… the good news is that each day’s note will be in audio as well!

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Ps… A Massive side note of thanks to Abigail, Gareth, Alexandra, Jessica, Heather, and Sera for your incredible insights, stories, and brave honesty… this challenge wouldn’t have been what it is without your incredible input!