So… I may have had too much coffee… or spent too much time on both instagram and pinterest… but I instantly thought about the fab video “Hipsters and Hashtags” when I came up with today’s title!

It’s a little bit of a Instagram rip-off created by some SA locals… gotta laugh [and a smidge guilty of a few of these – minus the moonbag, and hamster fettish…eww!!]

But getting back to your little bit of P[in]spiration today…

Hashtags [which became well known through twitter and instagram] are making a feature in Pinterest too.

by adding a hashtag in your Pins description – you create a searchable keyword.

Although Modern Connection suggest making the keyword specific to your brand to stand out from the crowd… I wonder if this will take off like it did with Instagram?


Talking about Instagram [and Pinterest]

The instagram culture continues to grow, and it’s one of my favourite social media spaces to play in!

I found some interesting articles for those who are wanting to grow their instagram accounts:
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and if you’re looking for my board on how to get social with Pinterest… check this space out:
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Which is your favourite social media space?

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