Q: A few people have told me to try my own thing but I’m not sure what I’d do. I’m good at managing people which isn’t easy on your own 😉 I know corporate and I’m quite a comfort zone creature… Guess I need to identify my passion before I can make it my business? – signed Comfort zone Creature

Ah, Comfort zone creature…

The swamps of uncertainty can be a really frustrating place to be!

I remember back to my own swamp… all the way back to the time I first contemplated big leagues entrepreneurship [vs having a hobby that gave me some pocket change]… and it was when a friend of mine said that I’d make a great entrepreneur…

At the time, I remember thinking… ya right!

What will I have a business in… HR? Umm… I can’t see it!

Whilst I didn’t know what to do next, what I did know… was that what I was doing now wasn’t my true calling / purpose / divine mission in life.

Whilst this question may seem like a rather simple one… it’s actually loaded with many twists and turns… and the underlying worry of… do I have what it takes to start my own business.

You may… and you may not [which is also ok… there are plenty of other ways you can bring your purpose into your life without having your own business].

What I will say… is that when the time is right, you will feel it.

But you’re right it all starts… with finding your passion.

Many people have made the mistake of starting a business that wasn’t their passion.

I did.

I thought I’d go with the “safe” option… something I knew, and knew well… HR.

A far cry from my creative soul… and everything that I moved away from in corporate… but it would be safe… right?


When work came in… it was linked to my creativity.

It was linked to my passion.


So… Step 1 is all about finding your passion.

and to help you through this struggle… I have created a little passion discoverer book.

It’s a little something to help you unravel what’s at your core.

Grab it on the other side of this form:

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To explore your calling a bit more.

It may not be a big bang “AHA” moment

Prepare yourself.

Your purpose is often something that develops over time.

As you explore the things that stir your soul… you’ll find aspects that appeal to you.

You’ll explore those a little further… and because you have started walking this new path… something different will begin to unfold.

In my life… I started taking photo’s, I then started turning those photos into a little showreel… that showreel opened up the door to creating videos… which has now developed into a full blown creative agency.

I don’t think that we will ever know where all of these little steps will end up.

It’s an organic process.

But… what we do need to do, is make sure that we continue take steps in the right direction…

In the direction that stirs your soul!

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