Recently, I was asked:

Why are you selling stuff on ETSY?

and How does that actually fit into DreamDoing, and helping creativepreneurs?

I was a little stumped, and fumbled through the answer

[as I do when I need to give short answers to something I’m thinking deeply about].

On the face of it – an art print + a course on being an entrepreneur seem quite far removed from each other.

You may relate… maybe your passions feel really removed from each other right now?

I’ve learnt, that when two really different elements of my life don’t seem to go together [but I know in my heart that I WANT to do both], that I must just go with it, and see what happens.

I’ve learnt that when I trust my gut… and I take one more step closer to discovering what my AwesomeSauce is, the answer will make itself evident in time.

Getting back to the question…


Today, whilst I was writing the shop story for said Etsy store, the answer became really clear [I really love it when that happens], here’s the excerpt:

My story starts every morning, when my first thought is: “Coffeeeeeeeeee“,
followed by “I wonder how I will make a difference today“?

Because I’m called to use my creativity to make a difference in other’s lives.

Usually, it’s by inspiring you to figure out what your special and rare blend of Awesome is, so that you can share your brand of difference with the world [which you’ll see a lot of on the blog]

Sometimes it’s through art that moves your soul…

Always, It’s spurred by my creativity…and I love creating things!

In this ETSY Store, you’ll see the result of my creations… from Art to Planners, guides, and checklists [coming soon]… all designed to either move your soul, or move you to unlock what your soul has always known you’re awesome at! 😉

Thank you for allowing me to spread a little AwesomeSauce in the world!


You see what happened there?

I realised that my art [and my course] are both an extension of my creativity…

I use that creativity to serve you.

Whether I’m moving your soul, or helping you unlock what your soul knows you were born to do.

It’s about making a difference… through my creativity.

And that’s how the two elements come together! YAY!

Currently, I’m uploading some art into the store… and getting my “Bouquet of Life” collection up for you… here are the sets…

2015_BouquetOfLife_INSPIREDBYEMMA_1of4 2015_BouquetOfLife_INSPIREDBYEMMA_2of4

2015_BouquetOfLife_INSPIREDBYEMMA_3of4 2015_BouquetOfLife_INSPIREDBYEMMA_4of4

But I’ll also have some inspirational art + quotes, as well as some planners + Checklists… all to help you Do your Dreams 😉

Have you recently experienced how two very diverse/different elements of your life are coming together to create your very own blend of AwesomeSauce?

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