When my hubby asked to go to the Franschhoek Motor Museum for Fathers Day, I was glad that he had found something that he wanted to do… but hadn’t really figured it would be all that “fun” for me… but considering it was Fathers Day, I was going to suck it up and have a little “fun” with them!

Then something happened…

it started with the cars from the 30’s… when I caught a glimpse of art deco! Being able to spot how some of the design trends came through in the cars designs, was kinda eye opening!

As we walked through, I also got to read up on the car’s history, and share some interesting facts with nunu… and I got the feeling like I was passing on little nuggets of history and information… really sewing into his knowledge base… points for mom: 10!

In this moment, 3 lessons hit me all at once:

  1. I may just have a little “petrol head” in me… and TRY SOMETHING NEW… you may like it!
  2. In realising that all the information mom had passed onto me about design styles in furniture through the decades, were really evident in the cars too… and that as a parent… I need to educate nunu about all sorts of aspects of life… and it will be really interesting to see how he starts pulling all of the elements together one day!
  3. The last lesson… Nunu is a real little petrol head in the making… check out this video:

But that’s not what this note is about.

Looking at all these cars, and with it being father’s day, naturally my Dad was on my mind… and whilst I was enjoying the car show with my boys… It all felt incomplete!

I was really sad that my Dad wasn’t there to enjoy it with me… and that Durban just felt sooo bloody far away in that moment!

Whilst watching both old and new cars glinting in the sun… I knew that THIS would have been something he would have loved [Ps… Dad… we are SOOOO coming here when next you pop up!].

…and as I was thinking about my Dad… there were a couple of things that I wanted to thank him for… so I decided to do it rather publicly… maybe it’ll inspire you to thank someone in your life 😉

Dad… Thank you…

…for inspiring me with your patience.

Especially when you patiently and gently said “concentrate emma” after I had taken a right turn, in 3rd gear, at 60km’s an hour…. on a dirt road. Because of that patience, I was able to build my confidence as a driver… and as a person.

…for teaching me the “pogo”.

Teaching me that even if one has 2 very left feet… you can still jump up and down all over the dance floor and boogie the night away… and teaching me that I can be my own person on a dance floor [and in life], and I don’t really need to conform to how everyone else does life!

For those who need a reference as to what the “pogo” is, check this out:

…for teaching me to make kick-ass pancakes.

and for our shared love of the sweeter things in life!

Being able to pass on that love of pancakes to my nunu felt really special, like I’m passing a legacy on 😉 hehe… and I’m hoping we get to enjoy many more sweet moments together!

…for being Gwampon.

For loving and spending time with NayNay… being willing to take on all sorts of games, tasks, and events… including bicycling us around Durban!


…for your generosity.

For teaching me to be kind and generous… whether it’s a little extra for the waiter who goes out of their way, or how you and mom bless people with really big things… like an education!

…for being my Falkor.

For allowing a little girl to feel this…

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.33.22 AM

More than the memory of summer pool splashes [and tireless deep underwater dives]… is the feeling like anything was possible… and that life can be anything we make it!

…for loving me.

Even though I really gave you a tough time from minute one… you pushed through my defences, and loved me anyway… for being a great Dad, an awesome friend, and for being a rock of stability [and sensibility] that I can depend on.

Thank you… and I love you!

Em sign