Dear Maker,
This is your chance to WIN a place as BETA TESTER for the Dream + Do Project!

What is a beta tester?
A Beta Tester is someone who gets to try out the product whilst it’s in trial phase…

I’ve had a few DreamDoers working on bringing their dreams alive through the Dream + Do Project… but most of them have been service orientated…


So if you:

  • Make a product
  • Are looking for some support and guidance in your business
  • Are ready to do the work needed to bring your business to the next level

Then you’ll want to be a part of this awesome group of Creativepreneurs!

If you want to know more details about what the course entails – Check out the project detail here.
[But basically – you’ll get 10 Modules – about 40 videos], play sheets, bonuses, and some life changing thinking!]

and you’ll get access to all of that for FREE for a year!


*** UPDATE***


Congratulations to the three new DreamDoers who making their dreams come alive:

Jade Walters | Adele Smuts | Chantelle Vogts