Having spent Saturday morning with incredible DreamDoers… one of the conversations turned to one of the most powerful words in the world right now: Discover.

Yes, we can discover a new way of doing things.

We can discover new places.

We can discover beauty in the everyday.

But for me… the most powerful thing we discover… is our purpose.


Because when we discover our purpose, we find out how we make a unique difference to the world.

When we find our purpose, our “why”, the reason we get out of bed…

…we uncover our AwesomeSauce.

Our AwesomeSauce is the unique blend of of who we are… that means that only we can do what we were born to do in the world.

What happens when purpose and business come together?

By bringing your purpose into what you do, you aren’t like the other 1000 people in your field.

You are offering something different and unique.

You aren’t competing with everyone, because “everyone” can’t do what you do, in the way that you do it.

So you’ll stand out.

How my DreamDoers decided to stand out:

After our morning DreamDoer Connect session… Here’s how these awesome DreamDoers decided to bring who they were into what they do:



Celeste isn’t just another consultant – she’s creating meaningful learning experiences

Joanna isn’t a run of the mill wedding planner – She’ll design your wedding with you [oh, and she is all about you and connecting you with the right peeps]

Nikki isn’t another lifestyle photographer – She is creating emotionally evocative photographic art from honest everyday moments.

… Me… I’m not your typical entrepreneur advisor… I’m a creative muse… a creative catalyst that wants to help you create a business you love… so that you can make your brand of difference in the world!

Have you figured out what your AwesomeSauce is yet?

Em sign

Ps… If you feel like you need to discover your “why”, then join me on the Dream + DO Retreat!