It’s “Embrace your geekness day“!!!

So today… I embrace my geeky love of all things stationery!


Stationery lets me turn the mundane aspects of a structured life, into something playful and fun.

Weekly planners [printed in different colours each month] are filled with colour coded pens for each area of my businesses, post it notes capture ideas, and my I even have erasable pens for when I’m feeling commitment phobic [like which blog post to structure a month ahead].

In chatting to DreamDoer Celeste today, I realised that I thrive with structure… because I use it as a base from which to play.

Her insight:

[Tweet  “make structure work for you. Because successful business is about discipline and structure”]

For her, instead of resisting structure… she embraced it… added colour to her to-do-list, and allowed inspiration and structure to play on the same page.

So Yes… I too am a stationery geek!

and Today I will celebrate that my stationery geek-y-ness allows me to find freedom and creativity within the structure!


What kind of a geek are you?

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