In the last two years of business, I have learnt a few things that have helped my business be more dreamy… this month, I will share a few of those secrets with you… so that you too can start to build a business you love!

In this first episode, I’m taking a look at the importance of focus, and how having focus has really shifted things for me.

I’m going to share my secrets on the following aspects:

  • The importance of having an overall focus / Goal
  • How I stay focused and make things happen
  • How I Stay focused with my blog and social media

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Notes from the Video:

1. Focus + Topline Goals:

Having a goal – know what I want to achieve

2. Making things happen:

Having a plan to bring your goal alive!

Planning your week to make things happen

Golden hour – Making use of your golden hour to target your dreams!

3. Focus + Blogging:

How I stay focused on what to blog about!

How I make use of evernote to capture ideas

How Coschedule* helps me keep my blog [and social media] on track

*Ps… The links that have a * next to them, are affiliate links, basically these good folk buy me a cup of coffee [and sometimes a bit more] for sending you their way… but I only recommend products I use and love!


What do you use to help you stay on track, and achieve your goals?

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