Fear. It’s the thing that stops so many incredible entrepreneurs in their tracks! It’s what can prevent you from having that dream business that you love!

Fear is something we all experience, and I have a few tips to help you overcome the fear [and obstacles] that hit along the way,ย in the video I’ll be covering:

  • Know what makes you awesome
  • Tips to help you Find confidence
  • How having purpose helps
  • The importance of taking a small step

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Notes from the Video:

1. What makes you awesome

Bring your passion into what you are doing now

2. Finding confidence to build your Dream Business

Confidence Boost List:

Sign up to access and download the PDF to create your own confidence boosting list [Or “Rocked It” List]ย 

A video series covering some of the secrets that I have learnt in building a dream business, in this episode - @inspiredbyemma covers the concept of Fear

[Appologies for the video…ย of course I have a link for you – heehee]

Client Brag List / Folder

Create your own client brag list/ folder, as mentioned, I make use of evernote.

3. Have purpose

Unlock what your purpose is, and allow it to pull you through your fear.

4. Take 1 small step and build your Dream Business

The small steps you can take to overcome fear, and start building that dream business that you love!


What small actions can you take today?

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