Are you feeling grateful for where you are right now in your business?   Today is episode 3 of my secrets around building a dream business… and so far, we have covered:

  1. The secret of Focus
  2. The secret of Fear and overcoming obstacles

This week’s video is going to be my secret around Gratitude and Serving. Prepare yourself for a little bit of a mind shift 😉   I’m going to share my secrets on the following aspects:

  • Gratitude in the now
  • How I stay focused and make things happen
  • How I Stay focused with my blog and social media

Notes from the Video:

1. Gratitude in the now:

Comparing the Dream against today’s reality. Ready to build on the “NOW”, then grab these play sheets to help you work out the right steps to take next!    

2. Serving others


How to go about serving others

How serving attracts clients to you


3. Serving others: Finding Clients

How to find clients if you don’t have any

The concept of “word of mouth”


What are you grateful for? What can you do today, to serve others?

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