Stop! Collaborate, and Rock your business? Collaboration is one of the big secrets that actually took me too bloody long to figure out! So here’s helping you really shift your business today, as I uncover episode 4 in my secrets around building a dream business… and so far, we have covered:

  1. The secret of Focus
  2. The secret of Fear and overcoming obstacles
  3. The secret of Gratitude and serving

In this video… I’m chatting about:

  • Why you should collaborate
  • Who to collaborate with

Plus… there is a little bonus, my boy is gonna bust some moves for you 😉

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Notes from the Video:

Why I should Collaborate?

The new ideas that arise when we collaborate The new business connections Elevating your business to a new level

Who do I collaborate with?

 1. Those in my industry

These are people who are in your industry, but not doing what you are doing.

An example of this, was when some peeps in the wedding industry wanted to collaborate – and show the kind of work that they would luurve to get…

So between the photographer, wedding venue, wedding planner, decor specialist/florist, and dress maker…

they created a styled shoot of the work they wanted to do!

Why it really worked for them?

  • making connections with people in your industry,
  • Getting exposure to each others business connections [as each member spread it on their social media],
  • Creating the kind of work that will attract the right client!

2. In a different industry

These are people who are in a different industry to the one you’re in, by reaching a new industry… you’re opening yourself up to a bunch of new clients!

An example of this could be bloggers who get interviewed by someone in a different industry,

or two different companies who work together on a project

3. Competitors

When you work with a competitor that is on a similar page to you… similar offering, level, skillset… when each of you has an overflow of work, you can pass the work onto each other… growing all of your businesses at the same time

An example of this was Jasmine Star – who paired up with 4 photographers at a similar level to her, in her first year of business, she contributes that the sharing of a google calendar between the 4 of them, as the main reason that all 4 businesses were busy that year…  

When someone was busy / booked, they would refer the job to those closest to them [that they trusted]!

4. Other

When you work with people of different skillset completely outside of your area! Hook up with someone new, create something different… Just because you can!

I really love the example from the movie “StepUp” where dancers, DJ’s, special effects guys, and a Structural artist came together to create something unique!

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Who will you collaborate with this week?

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