The 5 day Creativity Challenge!

Whether you think you’re creative or not… a creativity challenge is for you.

After all…

we are all creative!

Whether we draw, capture, paint, solve problems, think laterally, play with words, design websites… we are ALL creative!


A Creativity Challenge, do I need it?

Well… Why don’t you decide… is…

  • Life is a haze… a fog of boredom… and you’re looking for a little inspiration… something different to the 9-5 routine of life.
  • The concept of creativity is as scary as presenting in front of a thousand TED delegates [did I just get you a little hot under the collar there 😉 ]
  • Your creativity feels as dull as a pencil that hasn’t been sharpened in the last decade.
  • You’re feeling a little numb [like too many glasses of buttery chardonnay on an empty stomach kinda numb]
  • You know that there is something you were born to do, but this life isn’t it, and you’re needing something to explore… something different from the NOW.


This challenge is like…

…a little latte… a creamy yet potent taste of the creative kick your life needs right now.

… a smooth chocolate Pinotage to help you ease the creative crick in your neck

… a bath of bubbles… that spot of time that you give yourself… to just relax… and be… Y.O.U!

How it works…

You’ll dig into my creative notebook [I’ll send you a page from my book of notes each day].

Then test out that days elixir [some of the goodies that have gotten me out of my rut over time].

…and in just 5 days… you’ll have had 5 opportunities to play, explore, and kick a few of those creative fears in the butt!


The added bonus… is that you don’t have to go through this alone.

I’ve created a special spot just for you… a private Facebook coffee catch up, where we’ll share notes, ideas, learnings, encouragement and all sorts of pretty-ness, over our favourite beverage [Honey-nut latte maybe???]


Next Challenge begins on 15 December


Why is it free?

I believe that…

Creativity is an incredible catalyst for change.

After all, I’ve seen what it can do in my own life.

I was able to get free from the belief that I wasn’t creative [I only really discovered creativity in my late 20’s]

And because of the generosity of a beautifully kind hearted Julie [whom I have been privileged to call a friend], my world was opened up to creativity…

…she made it accessible to me.


If I can help you get unstuck…

… help you discover your creativity…

… and free you up to make a little change in your world…

It will be the best way that I can pay it forward.


it’s a gift that keeps on giving 😉


Curious about how others found it?

“5 days that can break the blocks and open up new ideas and develop old ones – really worthwhile – worth making time for it!”


“Doing something creative in your day does not have to be a long laborious procedure – it can take anything from 5 minutes on!”


Want in?

Pop in your details below…