When people ask me what I do…

I tell them that I’m an entrepreneur with two businesses.

But what I really want to tell them…

Is that in this incredible corner of the global village, I made a space for people to discover what they were born to do [their AwesomeSauce]… so that they can create a business they love, and make their brand of difference in the world.

“Using my creativity to make a difference in the world” #thatsall

Basically… I’m a Creative Muse, Blogger, and inspirer… who is part:

Emma Weise

Emma Weise

Head Creative, Founder + Chief Inspirer

Image: Courtesy of Abigail Klopper

  • Inspirer 99% 99%
  • Dreamer 70% 70%
  • Creator of Stuff 80% 80%
  • Blogger 60% 60%
  • Entrepreneurial Muse 85% 85%
  • Coffee, Chocci, and Pinotage holic 80% 80%

Wanna See me in action?

I write all sorts of things to help and inspire you on this blog… and I suggest you pop on over to this page for more inspiration. I also make things [which you can find  in my ETSY Store, and Hello Pretty store], and then there’s my other business – FreshSage [my creative agency].

You want the juicy details of how I got here???

My journey to a creative life, took many twists and turns.

I actually only realised my creative potential in my mid twenties… but I was too busy working my butt off to climb the proverbial corporate ladder.

I spent over a decade in corporate, learning about people, the world of business… and self mastery

[You see, I was working really hard at being someone that I wasn’t].

On the side… I would keep my creativity sparked with hobbies like card making, jewellery making, and general gift making.

I found myself exploring creativity more and more. I decided to invest in my creative side, and went on a DTP course to learn inDesign, illustrator and Photoshop… My creative world opened up!

Which then led me to explore my photography more… so I did a photography course… That sent me down a different path of kidlet and family photography.

All of this… whilst working a full time career!

I always knew that I wasn’t your “Typical” corporate animal

But I was so determined to pursue [and make a success of] my career in corporate HR [after all, I had invested quite a bit of time and money studying and growing in this field]… that I continued putting time, effort and pretty much my all, into building this career.

It paid off, I had managed to work my way up to being the head of HR, on the management team for one of the most interesting divisions of our company…

It was the dream career…

…for someone else!

One day, as I was taking stock, I realised that I had achieved all that I wanted to achieve in corporate HR…

The future was more of the same, with more responsibility [longer spreadsheets] and a little bit more money, and not much of the stuff that brought me joy [which was roughly 5% of my job at the time].


Something needed to change! I needed to play to my calling!


But, I wasn’t quite ready to be the “Creative”… so I decided to offer my skills as “HR thinker” to smaller business who couldn’t afford the full time me.Enter: Entrepreneurship

Then something happened.

All the work I got, was from my more creative side.

and the more I embraced it, the more work came.

Now, I have two businesses… A creative agency [that works with corporates on their employer branding], and this incredible space in the world [where I help you create the business [and life] you were born to have].


At Last, I’m living my calling…

Running these two businesses, bring me a huge amount of joy!

and I want the same for you too!

I would love to help you uncover your dream,

discover a little creativity…

and rock what makes you awesome.

Want to stay in touch?

I send my lovelies a weekly love note to inspire them… want in?

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or email me… Let’s chat!

Whhhaaaattt… you want to know MORE???


  1. My favourite creative elixirs are cuppacino, artisan chocolate, post-it notes, bubbles, colour fine liners, toffee, stunning imagery
  2. When I’m not creating things… I like to spend time with my hubby [We are big series fans] and my nunu!
  3. My favourite moments… are in the back garden on a summers day, with my friends beside me, the kids in the pool, and everyone creating their own favourite panini, sipping on some of our local vino!
  4. My favourite smells…. are of chanel chance, suntan lotion [reminds me of summer] and rain.
  5. I love collecting stationery, and recently discovered typo! Eek!
  6. Other than wine… coffee is a vice [and chocolate too], and I enjoy sneaking off to a coffee shop… to work whilst indulging in life’s little pleasures
  7. I believe in large doses of gratitude [better than any happy pill]
  8. I think that it’s totally normal to have bags within bags [how else do you organise your stuff?]
  9. My aim… is to have allure… and be powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating [like life behind a macro lens]