Be Brave, Take Steps, Live your Awesome!

Being Brave… I have found that being an entrepreneur, means that there are times when we need to be brave… if something is no longer “right” for us… we need to be brave enough to acknowledge what it is! Take Steps… I’ve also... read more

Inspirational MoodBoard | Spring

Happy Monday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Spring! Partly because of all the heavenly floral scents that fill our gardens, homes and streets… Partly because the winter is EVENTUALLY going to be a thing of the past…... read more

10 Quotes to help you push past fear this Monday

Fear is something that impacts each and every entrepreneur. It is something that happens when we choose to step beyond our comfort zone. So for today’s #InspiredMonday, I thought I would share 10 quotes to help you push past your fears this week! 1. “The brave... read more
Hey! I'm Emma

Hey! I'm Emma

Muse | Inspired by Emma

… and I’ll be your muse for today 😉

Welcome to my entrepreneurial blog, where I help creative entrepreneurs [like you] DO your Dreams… You’ll find some clear, Do-able “Emma Magic” sprinkled throughout this blog, all designed to help you create a business you love, so that you can make your brand of difference in the world!

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