Inspiring Igers | July |Having Courage to explore

 I have a love affair with Instagram… I can always rely on it for a visual feast of inspiration… I come across so many amazing images and people doing amazing and fun things… that it only makes sense to celebrate them here! After all, they are taking... read more

“Explore what makes you Awesome” Emma Weise

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Explore what makes you awesome

Because you are Awesome. You just need to spend a little time discovering what your brand of awesome is! “Explore what makes you Awesome!” Emma Weise Click To Tweet What is the one step you can take [today ideally] to explore the things you’re... read more

Finding Freedom in Structure…

It’s “Embrace your geekness day“!!! So today… I embrace my geeky love of all things stationery! Stationery lets me turn the mundane aspects of a structured life, into something playful and fun. Weekly planners [printed in different colours each... read more

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.”
William Barclay

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Discover your “why”, and help your business stand out!

Having spent Saturday morning with incredible DreamDoers… one of the conversations turned to one of the most powerful words in the world right now: Discover. Yes, we can discover a new way of doing things. We can discover new places. We can discover beauty in... read more

Calling all Makers | *Giveaway Closed*

  Dear Maker, This is your chance to WIN a place as BETA TESTER for the Dream + Do Project! What is a beta tester? A Beta Tester is someone who gets to try out the product whilst it’s in trial phase… I’ve had a few DreamDoers working on bringing... read more
Hey! I'm Emma

Hey! I'm Emma

Muse | Inspired by Emma

… and I’ll be your muse for today 😉

Welcome to my entrepreneurial blog, where I help creative entrepreneurs [like you] DO your Dreams… You’ll find some clear, Do-able “Emma Magic” sprinkled throughout this blog, all designed to help you create a business you love, so that you can make your brand of difference in the world!

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