Module 4: Building a Brand

This is the module where we start building your business brand. You will identify your brand words, you’ll get more understanding of what goes into your brand experience, you’ll identify your brand personality and the elements that make up a brand, and lastly…. we’ll do a bit of a brand audit!


We will cover the following lessons in this module:

1. What is a brand?

2. Your Brand Experience

3. Creating a brand personality [and branding elements]

4. Reviewing your existing brand

How it works:

Scroll down for each lessons video.

You will also find other delicious goodies:

some play sheets,


+ other bonus goodies or relevant finds

all designed to help you on your journey!

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Lesson 1: Build a Brand




Lesson 1 Notes:

  • I’ll give you an understanding of Branding
  • You’ll also begin creating an experience for your clients [Your Brand words]
  • Download and print the Playsheet below




Lesson 2: Create an experience

 Lesson 2 Notes:

  • We’ll look at your brand journey… and the experience you create for your client in that journey!
  • Download and print the Playsheet below



Lesson 3: Your Brand Personality


Lesson 3 Notes:

  • We’ll Look at a Brand personality
  • You’ll also work through the brand personality you want to project
  • Download and print the Playsheet below




Lesson 4: Reviewing Branding Elements


Lesson 4 Notes:

  • We’ll go through the branding elements
  • We’ll look at what you need when [ie when to “Go Pro” and when you can “DIY”]
  • You probably only need to print the last page [your brand audit page]
  • Download and print the Playsheet below
  • Added Bonus: Designer Kerry, is giving DreamDoers super special rates… for those who need a brand refresh!

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