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Your Modules:

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MODULE 1: Setting Powerful Intentions

Learn how to get powerfully intentional… in this module we delve deep and get really clear about the intentions you’re setting for your journey ahead!

MODULE 2: My Big Biz Dream

In this module, we’ll explore how you’ll be bringing your big biz dream alive and we’ll start plotting it into your plan! This will give you the focus you need down the line.


MODULE 3: My AwesomeSauce


Learn what your gift is to the world… your very own brand of AwesomeSauce… and how you can maximise that – to really be impactful!


MODULE 4: Building a Brand

Here, I’ll be covering the essential elements you need to build a powerful brand, one that speaks to who you are.

MODULE 5: Client Love

Because you want to attract clients that you love… who adore you back, and become your raving fans!

MODULE 6: Pumped Products

Whether you are a maker, creator, consultant, or coach… you’ll need to make a living from this business! So we will look at creating the right product and experience for your clients.

MODULE 7: Building Confidence

In this lesson, we are going to learn what it means to really “Go Pro” and find your confidence as an entrepreneur… I’m also sharing tips on how to deal with Comparison, Move past the fear, and a little trick I have that keeps me positive!

MODULE 8: Getting Social

Here I share how you can get your brand out there… but getting social in a non-sleazy way that feels right for your business.

MODULE 9: Keeping on Track | Getting Organised

Here I’ll share my tips and tricks for keeping my ship going… plus a few templates to help you find more time to do all the other stuff 😉

MODULE 10: Keeping on Track | Getting Support

Because even though you may only be one person running this thing, there are ways you can find the support you need to get things done!