Ready to DO your Dreams?

Ready to Create a Business you LOVE?

Ready to make YOUR BRAND of difference in the world?

Hey, DreamDoer…

Entrepreneurship can get a little scary, I get it…

… I get that the dream is big… but all the pieces are a little overwhelming

… I get that money is tight… but you want to figure out how to position yourself in a way that attracts the right clients

… I get that there are lots of questions you have, and sometimes it helps to have someone to “sanity check” your thoughts


I get it… having support [with guidance on what to do along the way] and some peeps in your corner… Can be the difference between working on your business [so that it feels dreamy and exciting]… or letting your business work you [leaving you feeling like a slave in a hamster wheel as you work in your business]!   That’s why I created this… to share what I had learnt along the way… to help you create a successful business that you love! Em sign

Emma Weise: Your Muse [1 Part Inspirer | 1 Part Kick up the bum]

What is the Dream + DO Project about?

It’s a little bit of Advice… and a TON of clarity + Support!


Each Week | for 10 weeks

You will get a new module, filled with goodies to help you get clearer on the dream. In it you’ll get:

  • about 4 short, clear, inspiring, yet actionable videos
  • Some Playsheets [PDF’s to help you work it all out]
  • Occasional bonuses [like audio’s, interviews, and extra links I have found/written]

Daily | Tips + Encouragement

You will get little elixirs… Daily inspirations, thoughts, and encouragement along the way [through the private Facebook group]  

Daily | Support - Your BFF's

A safe place for you to ask questions, share lessons and wins, and connect with incredible ‘treps! [All through a closed Facebook Group]

Monthly | Q+A

A coffee meet up with your business BFF’s. We’ll jump in on a google hangout and tackle any questions you are having as you move through the modules A chance to touch base with all your BFF’s from all over the world!

What they have said about Dream + DO…

I am so grateful for people like Emma Weise! Thanks for today, it was awesome!!! Your insights and learning were incredibly useful. Dream + DO has given me clarity and confidence! Onwards and upwards! Celeste

Brave Entrepreneur

Thanks to The Dream + DO Project, I have  clarity as to what my business is and more importantly, why I am doing it. Plus a solid support system that gave me to confidence to quit my job and go at my dream full-time x Nikki

Photographer, nvd Photography

Next 10 week Course: 15 September – 23 November

Let’s talk through how all this awesomeness is going to break down:

Month of September:

MODULE 1: Setting Powerful Intentions

Learn how to get powerfully intentional… in this module we delve deep and get really clear about the intentions you’re setting for your journey ahead!

MODULE 2: My Big Biz Dream

In this module, we’ll explore how you’ll be bringing your big biz dream alive and we’ll start plotting it into your plan! This will give you the focus you need down the line.  

MODULE 3: My AwesomeSauce

Learn what your gift is to the world… your very own brand of AwesomeSauce… and how you can maximise that – to really be impactful!  

Monthly Q+A Call

  Our monthly Business BFF Coffee Catchup on google+!  

Month of October:

MODULE 4: Building a Brand

Here, I’ll be covering the essential elements you need to build a powerful brand, one that speaks to who you are.

MODULE 5: Client Love

Because you want to attract clients that you love… who adore you back, and become your raving fans!

MODULE 6: Pumped Products

Whether you are a maker, creator, consultant, or coach… you’ll need to make a living from this business! So we will look at creating the right product and experience for your clients.

MODULE 7: Building Confidence

In this lesson, we are going to learn what it means to really “Go Pro” and find your confidence as an entrepreneur… I’m also sharing tips on how to deal with Comparison, Move past the fear, and a little trick I have that keeps me positive!

Monthly Q+A Call

  Our monthly Business BFF Coffee Catchup on google+!  

 Month of November:

MODULE 8: Getting Social

Here I share how you can get your brand out there… but getting social in a non-sleazy way that feels right for your business.

MODULE 9: Keeping on Track | Getting Organised

Here I’ll share my tips and tricks for keeping my ship going… plus a few templates to help you find more time to do all the other stuff 😉

MODULE 10: Keeping on Track | Getting Support

Because even though you may only be one person running this thing, there are ways you can find the support you need to get things done!

Monthly Q+A Call

  Our monthly Business BFF Coffee Catchup on google+!  

Plus... You'll be able to access all of these modules for a full year!

As a #DreamDoer… you’re also gonna get some awesome bonuses:

Planners + Play Sheets

Scripts, Tools, Templates

Creative Elixirs to keep you going

Occasional Coffee Chats + Industry Experts Interviews

I also wanted you to know this…

Willow & Co now has clarity and direction. Thanks to Dream+DO Project, I realised that my vision for my business is completely within my reach as long as I set and action clear intentions! Thanks for all that you do Emma! Joanna

Owner: Bespoke floral and wedding design studio, Willow + Company

With your help, I got another step closer to finding my bliss!

Plus, an occasional kick up the butt to get organised and start taking action.
Thanks for everything you do Emma!

Portrait Photographer, Abigail K Photography

Ready to become a DreamDoer?

Choose the option that is right for you, and your business…

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Want to know what other DreamDoers are saying…

Still have a couple of Questions? No Prob… check these out:

Who is this course for?
  • Anyone who has started their own business, and needs clarity and direction, and is willing to take the next step to make that happen.
  • Someone who wants to turn their hobby or passion into a full time gig that they love!
  • Anyone who has been running their business for a while, and they are ready to do some work ON their business, instead of IN their business.
Who is this course NOT for?
If you aren’t ready to make a change, you don’t want to do the work needed to bring this alive, or if you think I’m going to give you a magic pill… then this isn’t the course for you!
How much time will this take?
I get it… you’re burning the candle at both ends on a good day. That’s why I didn’t create a 500pg book to help put you to sleep at night. The videos will be 2 – 10 minutes each, so that you can digest them in little bite sizes. After that – theres always an action… whether you’re doing something on the play sheet… or whether you’re fixing up your products… the time each of these activities may take – depends on where your business is at. But don’t worry, the content will be there for you to access as and when you need it after the 10 week program
What if I need help along the way?
That’s why I created this… right! To help you make this thing happen! I will be answering questions in the private Facebook group to check in with you… but more than that, there are some incredible DreamDoers who have been through this already, and we are all there to support each other! and for this round of D+D, I will give you a bonus 30 minute Skype call to help you through that block!
Do you cover techy stuff, like do I need a blog/website?
Whilst I’m not going to be setting up your website for you, implementing your social media strategy, or designing your business name/card… I will share a few of my techy tips and tricks… and the “where to go” to make certain things happen! Like the time I wasted $20 on Facebook ads, and who I used to build my site.
Why is the program so cheap?
I’m aware that a course that offers this amount of value, should be priced well over $2 000, and the $495 is super reasonable [ummm… borderline dirt cheap]! Why have I decided to position it at that price? This is the Launch of the official Dream + Do Project… The program has been tested by the Beta Testers, but because you’ll be the first “official” group, you’re getting in while it’s still at this crazy price! The Con [for right now]… the group of DreamDoers is small and intimate [which is actually kinda cool… it’s like going for coffee with a few of your besties] The [massive] benefit… is that when the price goes up [it will become $2000 in time], you’ll still be able to renew annually at the price you got in on… it’s my way of saying thank you to you!
Do you do refunds?
Well, that would kinda be like buying a pair of stockings – wearing them and then taking them back to the store… or licking the ice-cream you just bought and giving it back to the shop… yum! BUT… If you have applied all the lessons, done the work… and still feel like your business has not shifted… then yes… Lets talk about a refund. This program is so comprehensive, and you’ll be getting so clear… that business success is inevitable. IF, however, you’re looking at the course, marvelled by how cheap it is [check out the cheap question above if you want more info] but you don’t feel ready to make the change, or maybe you’re not feeling convinced that this program is for you, or you’re wondering if we’re even a match… then rather don’t invest in something you aren’t convinced about. Maybe we just need to get to know each other a little better. In that case, get yourself onto my list for weekly doses of inspiration [plus I’ll give you some other awesome goodies… my little gift to you].  
Do I get access till forever?
In this membership site, you’ll be gaining access to all the content of this program – for an entire year! You’ll also be getting access to the additional content I create related to Dream + Do. Plus, the membership site gives you access to the community of incredible entrepreneurs! Your subscription can be renewed annually.  

Which option are you choosing for your business?