A 2 Day Retreat… To give you the space you need to refocus on your Dream

… with and a plan to help you turn that Dream into something you DO!

One thing I do know…

Running a business can be pretty overwhelming [and occasionally daunting]! 


It’s easy to get caught up in [and seriously overwhelmed by] our daily To Do List.

Having a business is [generally] not filled with cocktails on the beach, and endless play dates with our nunus.

Instead…  Many entrepreneurs spend hours and hours a day… finding clients, marketing, and generally working our butts off to deliver what we promised.

When we are so focused on the daily ToDo’s… we loose sight of our direction.

Soon, the Dream slips from our radar.

Instead of building our ideal business, we become slaves to the business we created.

It’s time to STOP… Press PAUSE… and REFOCUS!

If you are wanting to take some time to get clarity on where your ship is [and should be] going, and plot the dream properly…

Then this retreat is for you!

It will be like giving your business a gift… I’m getting a “Christmas in July” feeling [although the session will actually be in August!]

It will be intimate, filled with clarity, humour and I really hope you’ll come!


Who is this for?

This retreat is for you, if you…

  • Have a business [or side hustle] and you need to spend time getting really clear on the way forward.
  • Your business is feeling a little ‘meh‘ and needs a clarity inducing elixir [a potion of clarity with a side of exciting].
  • You know something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it… time for a little tweak.
  • You’ve been spending too much time working IN your business, and you need to put a little time aside to work ON your business.

I’m Curious… tell me more:

When is it?

28 + 29 August 2015 [Friday + Saturday]

Where is it?

To be confirmed – Cape Town, Southern Suburbs

Think: A Happy + Tranquil space to allow you the space you need to think!


What should I bring?

  • Your laptop / iPad [because I know that you don’t go anywhere without it… plus it may have some handy info on it]
  • A item that reflects you and your business
  • If you have some images / things that symbolise your dream life… bring those too!
  • An open mind and positive attitude

What’s on the Agenda, Exactly?

Here’s the itinerary of what we’ll cover…


Day 1… Arrive at 09:00

9am – 10am Get to know each other session and breakfast

10am – 12pm Let’s get Powerfully intentional

12pm – 1:30pm What are my business DREAMS?

1:30pm – 2:30pm Lunchtime

2:30pm – 4pm Making the Dream Visual and Capturing your essence

4pm Time to relax a bit!

Day 2:

9am Arrival

9am – 10am Take another look at the Dream + Cement it!

10am – 12pm Whipping up some AwesomeSauce… and looking at how it translates into your brand

12pm – 1pm Lunchtime

1pm – 2pm Finding some Client Love + outlining my Pumped products

2pm – 4pm What’s the way forward? Let’s put that plan in place!

4pm Celebration time!!!

Because After that… you know you’ll need some chillax time!

What will I get out of this?

To start off with, you’re going to get clarity and direction, that alone will save you hours of frustration, angst, and the need for too many cuppacinos [Although, I probably will feed you coffee during the retreat… so don’t banking on quitting that one] …and a retreat like this could easily cost you R3500 per day!

By day two of the retreat:

  • You’ll get clear on your business vision [some much needed direction]
  • You’ll capture the essence of your business on one page
  • You’ll walk away with a plan for the rest of the year [giving you some much needed focus – and streamline your efforts]


Added to that… you’ll get:

DreamDoer access: Which gives you a year’s access to the “Dream + Do Project” online course material [10 modules with about 40 videos… play sheets, and other bonus material – currently retailing for R3 600]

So, What’s the investment?

Option A: The 2 day Retreat

With space to think, and a clear way forward: Priceless



That’s price of pair of Aldo boots or LeCreusset Casserole dish! [and trust me… a dream business will fit better and taste better] 😉

* Just a reminder: 

there are only 20 spaces in total – Once you’ve emailed the confirmation of payment… your seat will be booked!