Do you have too many dreams and ideas for your business?

As a creative thinker… you are filled with ideas… and dreams…

There are an incredible amount of things you want to do…

Things you started doing…

…and some ideas – you find yourself wondering why you haven’t done them!


and as you sip on that latte [whether it’s of the coffee or chai variety] and churn out yet another piece of work for a client… you think:

“When do I make the time to focus on my business”?

Maybe it’s time to give your business a little gift… Like this little gift of clarity [and a bit of forward planning]


Enter: Dream and Do sessions

Setting aside a day, to spend with a small group of creative entrepreneurs [2015 dates on their way soon!!]…

It’ll be about taking all those ideas, and dreams… and turning them into a plan you can DO!

There will be some laughter, a couple of aha’s… and a plan to make 2015 your best year yet!

With this new year… I’m offering this gift to you for less than the price of a well tailored jacket [… but the fit will rock your business for the long run]!

Very Very Soon [Early Feb at this stage]… we’ll be turning “dreams” into “do’s” starting from only R1950!

Sign up here to find out the moment I launch the next sessions!