Welcome to the Gift Box [Just for you]

A collection of my favourite tools, tips and the places + spaces that have helped me run my business… my gift to you!

Gift 1: Some Downloads I think you’ll love…

Your "THEN + NOW" List

Let’s focus on being grateful for the “NOW” in order take the steps to build our dream business. Here are some Questions [fun-sheets] to help you Linked to this video.

Your "Rocked it" list

Some questions to help you remember the things you’ve Rocked [achieved], so that you can move past fear! Linked to this video.

Your Dreamy Biz:

Downloads to help you DO your Dreams, and build a business you LOVE, so that you can  make your brand of difference in the world

Find your Dream:

For those who need a little inspiration to help them find their AwesomeSauce, discovering what your brand of difference is…

The Brand Style Guide on a page

A one page summary of the Brand Elements you need to consider for your Business Brand, a summary from the 4th Module of the Dream + Do Project.

Find your Passion!

A workbook to help you unlock your passion, and start discovering what makes you awesome!

Deepest Fear... The most incredible Quote!

This quote by Marianne Williamson, is pure GOLD! Click here to hear me read the quote to you! Or… Click here to download it [so you can print it]!

Spend a month focused on your business

Spend a month focused on your business

Gift 2: The Weekly Planners

These weekly planners are my lifesaver… I designed them to help me stay on top of all my big dream [as well as all the little niggles]… and here’s how I use them to help me get stuff done!

Weekly Planner: September | Coming soon


Weekly Planner: October | Coming soon

BTW: Some of these links I am an affiliate for, and some I just recommend because I use and love them. I would never recommend something to you that I don’t love / back 100% myself. I promise to only share the goodies to help you create a business you love!

Setting up my Website

My URL / Domain name:
URL / Domain name: purchased through Hetzner [Plus they have a great domain search].  
Going WordPress
  WordPress: Go for WordPress.org (not .com) – it’s free… AND it gives you control over your site [which you’ll need in the long run]!  
My Website Design
  For an incredible theme that you can DIY – I highly recommend Elegant Themes [They have 80 Themes, but you actually only need DIVI and it’s only $69… a steal for what they give you!!! I’ve used it on this site + my FreshSage Site]
Setting up my email list
Only one resource that I use here… and it’s Mailchimp. I love the ease of use, analytics and great design! They are Free [up to 2000 peeps], but I went for the paid option so that I could automate a challenge or two 😉

Geting organised

Keeping all my ideas in one place
Evernote helps me keep track of all my documents, and when I find a page of interesting info – I can clip it… and keep it in a notebook for later reading. I also use evernote to capture and flesh out my blog ideas… then it’s just copy, paste into wordpress! PLUS – you can search images for text which is pretty cool!
Keeping track of Quotes, Invoices, and hours
  I make use of Harvest to seamlessly manage the money side of things. From creating [and sending] estimates[for clients to approve], to sending invoices and tracking hours on a project. For R120 a month, it has saved my butt OVER AND OVER again!
Staying on top of social media
With Co-schedule, I’m able to plan, schedule [ahead of time],and send social media posts from the back-end of my wordpress site [from inside the blog posts]… making twitter and Facebook way more manageable!

Gift 2: Books that will rock they way you think about your biz [+ Life]!

Gift 3: The peeps who inspire me [Blogs that are worth checking out]

Some of the incredible entrepreneurs who have had an impact on the work I do, the way I run my business, and the kind of person I’m becoming… check them out… you’ll love them!

Clever with words, and even more clever  about how to do life. She taught me to always go with “hut” [heart + gut], and that brevity is sexy! Alexandra Franzen

Wordsmith and Life Muse, Alexandra Franzen

Recently discovered, but loving her blog + business tips, and her fresh approach! If you’re a blogger, or a creative… you’ll enjoy this! Melyssa

Blogging muse, The Nectar Collective

Love her advice, and she has some great insights about the online marketing world! Olivia Madden

Online Marketing muse, Olyvia.co

Regina gives away some really great content to help you build your blog brand Regina Anaejionu

Blogging tips, by Regina.com