Module 6: Pumped Products


It’s time to create Products & Services your clients will love… that also happen to be pumped full of your AwesomeSauce!


We will cover the following lessons in this module:

1. Give them what they WANT!

2. Packaging up your Products/Services [Tiering]

3. Know your value [Pricing]

How it works:

Scroll down for each lessons video.

You will also find other delicious goodies:

some play sheets,


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all designed to help you on your journey!

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Give them what they WANT!

Lesson 1 Notes:

  • We’ll review what they want… and create products that they need.
  • Download and print the Playsheet below
  • Download and print your Planners


Lesson 2: Getting to your core feelings

Lesson 2 Notes:

  • Lets take your product options… and tier them!
  • Download and print the Playsheet below
  • Note: In the Playsheets… There are 2 options you can use to tier your products… let me know which worked for you



Lesson 3: Know your Value


Lesson 3 Notes:

  • Know what it really costs you to make a product / deliver a service!
  • Lets price your product
  • Download Excel Doc below


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