Module 7: Building Confidence

In this lesson, we are going to learn what it means to really “Go Pro” and find your confidence as an entrepreneur… I’m also sharing tips on how to deal with Comparison, Move past the fear, and a little trick I have that keeps me positive!.


We will cover the following lessons in this module:

1. Time to get a Reframe

2. Dealing with business envy

3. Moving past fear

4. Mindshifts and gratefulness

How it works:

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Lesson 1:Time to get a Reframe




Lesson 1 Notes:

  • Negativity will pull you down, creating stumbling blocks
  • Tips to move beyond your stumbling blocks
  • Download and print the Playsheet below



Lesson 2: Dealing with Business Envy


Lesson 2 Notes:

  • It’s time to tackle business envy, We’ll look at:
    • Business envy when you’re in business
    • Business envy when you’re just starting out
  • Download and print the Playsheet below




Lesson 3: Moving past fear


Lesson 3 Notes:

  • Understanding why fear creeps in!
  • My big tip on how to move past fear!
  • Download and print the Playsheet below



Lesson 4: Mindshifts and gratefulness

Lesson 4 Notes:

  • Looking at 4 ways I turn my mind around… find positivity and find gratitude
  • No playsheets today… just go play rather 😉


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