Module 8: Getting Social

In this module, we will look at how to go about Getting Social… putting your special brand of Awesome out into the world!

We will cover the following lessons in this module:


1. Building Know, Like, and Trust Factor

2. The “Big 6 of Social Media

[Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+]

3. To Website or Not to Website

4. Creating a Social Plan


How it works:

Scroll down for each lessons video.

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Before we get going… I just had to say this:


Lesson 1: Building the Know, Like + Trust Factor


Lesson 1 Notes:

  • Let’s look at how you can build your “know, like and Trust” factor
  • Download and print the Playsheet below

Lesson 2: The Big 6 of Social Media

Choose your first “Big 6” video:

Lesson 2 Notes:

  • We are going to look at an overview of the big 6 of social media.
  • Download and print the Playsheet below
  • From there, Pick of the Big 6… and watch the related video on how to set it up [and some tips, thoughts and tricks I think you should know 😉 ] NB: I will be adding “the big 6” as I complete them… coming soon, I promise!


Watch this space... more to be updated soon!

Not much else happening beyond this point!


Lesson 3: Make it Visual


Lesson 3 Notes:

  • Taking our initial Dream + Feelings – and making it visual
  • Creating a clear picture of your powerfully intentional life!
  • Download and print the Playsheet below


Lesson 4: Intentions to Actions

Lesson 4 Notes:

  • Taking the core feelings – and making them actionable
  • Create the big and little things you can do to bring your dreams alive
  • Download and print the Playsheet below


Next Module: Creating your Big Biz Dream!

[Psst… You’ll be able to access this module from 06 April… Till then… Keep Dreaming 😉]

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