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10 Quotes to help you push past fear this Monday

Fear is something that impacts each and every entrepreneur. It is something that happens when we choose to step beyond our comfort zone. So for today’s #InspiredMonday, I thought I would share 10 quotes to help you push past your fears this week! 1. “The brave...

What they said:

The process was engaging and incredibly powerful. I left the session energised and totally clear on what I need to do, to take my business to the next level as success is the only option for me! Celeste

Attended: Dream & Do session

I love the way Emma captures the inner soul of the person. You’re not just looking at a photograph, you’re seeing the person – and everything they were feeling at that moment. It could be their joy at plying a trade that makes them truly happy, their engaging expressions during and interview, or the laughter between friends. No matter what the situation, you feel like you were there, even if you weren’t. Kerry Hugil

It was a totally different way of looking at things and made me expand my thinking Inge

One on One: Brand Development