The [Inspired] by Emma Fine Art Desk Calendar for 2015 [No Easel] *Yip… it’s Limited*

$19.50 $12.50


Why a Desk Calendar?

Jayne pipes up “what is the date today?” and you have a brain fart…like… what iiiissss the date today?
Now you can look super clever, with a sideways glance at this little piece of Fine art [Ok… who are we kidding… it’s actually a little happy inducing gorgeous piece of pretty-ness] on your desk!
Actually… There are 12 of them!
[ps… you can see these 5×5 images framed all over your home, can’t you]

What do you get?


Technically… you’ll receive 12 fine art prints [sized as 5×7″ with the image being 5×5″ ] printed on a gorgeous textured paper.


But let’s delve into a little more detail on what that means…


* 12 loose leafs of 5×7″ awesomeness [think  almost A5ish]…
Designed to not only bail you out of that sticky situation with Jayne, but also to help you when hubby pipes up:
“We’ve got that housewarming for the Smiths tonight… and you’re thinking “WHAAAT…They moved??? Oh Crap, what should we give them???” –
Leave the wine collection alone [you may just need it to calm the mild panic attack you almost had], and rather grab this little package… filled with 12 loose sheets of Calendar art – that they can pop onto their fridge [The bonus: it doubles as frame-able art when they cut the calendar part off after the month is done… re-purposed awesomeness]!!!
All designed to get you inspired [and get you out of a fix…ummm corporate gifts anyone???]

* Printed on gorgeous textured paper… this calendar has a beautiful organic look [below right shows you the gorgeous texture this image gives you].


and the organic feel of the paper, will texturise your image like this:


Creating this little gorgeous treat to brighten up your life!

141109Calendar001Added Bonus: Once you’re done with the calendar – chop off the bottom, and frame your 12 pieces of 5 x 5 art!

Pretty sweet right???


The gift that keeps on giving…

It’s also a piece of art that keeps giving… from your desk, to the desk of needy kids [we’ll be giving a portion to Human  – who give workbooks to kids in need]!


You want to order more than one… don’t you?

Spend more than R300,

and I’ll whack a huge amount off each calendar you buy!

Because I’m feeling generous!!

 click here Because you bought it here: Get R75 whacked off each Calendar when enter this code | 2015cal75 | in the coupon code of your cart for more info



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