YAY!!! You’re in the Challenge…

Let’s REFRESH that business, shall we!

Let’s get started…

Over the next 5 days, we’re going to look at the 5 biggest struggles my Everyday Inspirers had when starting their business – and things that they wished they could have told themselves – there are some really great insights and wisdoms… all for you!

Here is the PDF… with 5 nuggets of awesome wisdom!

Then when you’ve done that… pop on over to the REFRESH Facebook group [It’s a closed FB Group so only the peeps in the group will see what you say]… and share:

1. Who you are, and what you do

2. The nugget that you related to the most…

3. The area you are wanting to really freshen up in your business!

That’s it!

[Oh… and you rock btw!]

Till Tomorrow… May today’s inspiration be as tasty as a self-saucing chocolate pudding [Rich, satisfying, but so delicious that you are craving more!!!]