Welcome to the Creativity Challenge!

meSquareAre you ready to unlock your creativity!

I know… you’re super amped! Me too…

The challenge begins here…

but while you wait for your first email to come through…

Let’s welcome you properly 🙂

It’s so awesome to find you here! Welcome to day 1 of the 5 days that we will spend exploring our creativity together!

I have planned some really thought provoking doses of inspiration… to pop into your inbox each day, spark your thinking, and help you with a creative [and hopefully jaw-dropping, eye opening and super fun] challenge to try!

Because, like you, I have also had moments where I found myself wandering in the desert of creative nothingness. When only a blank page welcomed me… when my lack of creativity frustrated me, my doubts were bigger than my ideas, and there were those occasional bouts when I found myself wondering whether I even had a creative bone in my body! 

So, you are not alone… My creative genius can be a sneaky houdini too.

Often we struggle with our creativity, I have learnt that in times like these… lesson one kicks in:

Lesson one is…

…is to show up anyway.

When I show up, and I keep creating… great things happen.

So, I will commit to showing up -and  spurring you along over the next few days!


Some questions I’ve been asked:

Qu: How will it work?

I’m not keen to complicate this… so it’s this simple:

1. Get your Elixir

I’ll pop a dose of elixir [thought provoking stuff] into your inbox each day.

We’ll work through a concept… and then you’ll get your challenge of the day.

Ps… Your first dose should pop into your inbox in the next 24 hrs!

2. Try it.

[That’s all I’m really asking!!!]

Sometimes it will feel pointless.

Sometimes it will rock your world.

 “you don’t know if you’ll like it… unless you try it.”

3. Share

If something really rocked your world or you had a great learning through this – please share it with me!

Qu: How much time will this take?”

That’s entirely up to you… I’m not going to put you under any pressure… no!
There are times when I only have 5 minutes between bathing and feeding my nunu – and I’ll use them to quickly get an aspect of what I’m trying to do done… but all those 5 mins add up… and soon… the task is done!
So, if you only find 5 minute gaps… then that is 5 minutes you will have spent investing in your creativity… and that’s great! If you have 20mins, or even hours… it’s all great… just commit what you can… no judgement from me!
Whilst you’re waiting… feel free to read a few of my articles on creativity!


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