YAY! Here’s your JUNE Planner…

1. Click here to download your planner!

2. Print it out [remember to “fit to page”] + Fill it in!

3. Go and do some sh*t!

Lets take the first step in making those Dreams HAPPEN!

and in case you want MORE suggestions… here you go…

How I use my weekly Planner:

  • I have the whole week on one page… this is critical to help me not get too lost in each day’s activities.
  • I start with my Top 3 things I want to achieve that day… that link into my bigger goals in business  for the week.
  • Where are the bigger goals? They’re captured in the “My Rock-it List” [bottom Left] – because who wants something that’s called “ToDo”… right? So this is the space I capture all the things [read:goals] I want to ROCK at!
  • Then I capture all the stuff I need to do… in the appropriate Day of the week that I should be tackling it [because you can’t do everything in one day… right]
  • At the end of the week, I want to remind myself of the things that I actually achieved that week [it’s all about building in some gratitude and being thankful] – I capture that on the “Things I ROCKED – Whoot!” List [bottom right]
  • Sometimes I need to Capture some thoughts, ideas, notes… and that’s what the bottom two centre blocks are for [because we all need a little space… right]!

*Bonus Tip*

I capture all the things I WANT to achieve… and then I play a game with myself, and see just how many of those aspects I can tick off today.

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